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Here are listed some of the softwares and resources I co-developed during the projects in which I have been involved. The related publications to each tool are also included.

    Drammar Ontology 5.0
    Drammar (co-developed with Vincenzo Lombardo, Antonio Pizzo, Rossana Damiano and Cristina Battaglino) is an ontology of drama used for the semantic annotation of story-based media. It it is also equipped with SWRL rules able to calculate the emotions felt by agents in different dramatic scenarios. The encoding of the appraisal for emotional rules is based on the OCC cognitive theory of emotions.

    Labyrinth (co-developed with Rossana Damiano, P.I.) is an ontology-based system allowing a narrative-based semantic exploration of digital multimedia archives (i.e., it it allows to explore the archive by means of the narrative elements - stories, actions, objects etc. - displayed by the items in the archive). In particular I was the main developer of the ArchetypeOntolgy (AO), written in OWL 2 QL language, allowing such kind of conceptual exploration as well as forms of automated reasoning.

Related Publication: Viviana Patti, Federico Bertola, Antonio Lieto, "ArsEmotica for Emotion-Driven Exploration of Online Art Collections" in Proceedings of FLAIRS 2015, 28th International Conference of the Florida Artificial Intelligence Society, Hollywood, USA, May 18-20, 2015, AAAI Press.