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"Non serve tanto il desiderio di credere quanto quello di scoprire, che è esattamente il suo opposto" Bertrand Russell

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I am a post-doc research fellow at the University of Turin (Italy), Department of Computer Science, working in the area of cognitive artificial systems (here my academic home page). I obtained a Ph.D. (dottorato di ricerca) in  Communication Sciences at the University of Salerno in 2012I am an author of Nòva Lab Il Sole 24 Ore and the founder of the series of international worksops on "Artificial Intelligence and Cognition" (AIC). Since April 2014 I also received the affiliation to the ICAR-C.N.R. Institute (in Palermo). I was President  (from 2006 to 2008) of Feedback, university spin-off project of a company specialized in SSEO (Semantic Sarch Engine Optimization).

Mail: alieto[at]acm.org - Twitter

Hobbies and Sports
  • Waterpolo
  • Soccer
  • Jazz Music

June 2012: PhD (dottorato di ricerca) in Communication Sciences at University of Salerno. Italy. Supervisor: Prof. Marcello Frixione. Topic of the Thesis: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Ph.D. Dissertation: "Non Classical Concept Representation and Reasoning in Formal Ontologies".

July 2008: Visiting Scholar at University of Haifa (Israel) - MIS Department (Management of Information Systems Department). Funds provided by the University of Haifa. Tutor: Prof. Tsvi Kuflik.

June 2008:
Master Degree (MA) in Communications Sciences and Technologies at Università degli Studi di Salerno with a research thesis made in collaboration with the University of Haifa (Israel). (Advisor: Prof. E.D'Avanzo, Co-Advisor: Prof. Tsvi Kuflik). Graduated with honours: 110 e lode .

December 2005: B.A. in Communication Sciences (thesis in Logics) at the Università degli Studi di Salerno (Advisor Prof. Marcello Frixione). Graduated with honours: 110 e lode.

Research Interests

Cognitive Sciences - Artificial Intelligence - Knowledge Representation - Persuasive Technologies - Biologically Inspired Computational Models for: Knowledge Representation, Common Sense Reasoning, Narrative Understanding, Analogy Generation, Computational Creativity.

February 2013. I am one of the proponents (with Cristina Battaglino, Elena Gianaria, Marco Indaco, Alice Ruggeri, Manuela Sanguinetti) of the project "E-Lisir", that won a funding of 747k euros in the national competition Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation.

July 2012. Project award @ SSSW2012 International Summer School, Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain. Project: Semi-Automatic Detection of Ontology Patterns. Team Members: M. Alirezaie (Örebro University, Sweden), A. Lieto (University of Turin, Italy), R. Khefifi (University of Paris Sud, France), C.Tampitsikas (Carnegie Mellon University, USA).

July 2011. ESSLLI Summer School, Ljubliana, Slovenia. I awarded a full granthttp://esslli2011.ijs.si/?p=1554

January 2009. Winner of the CEME Project (Casertan Excellence Mobility Experience) within the Leonardo Da Vinci European Program (declined).

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Peer Reviewed Publications 

[b] = book; [j] = journal; [bc] = book chapter; [c] = (international) conferences

    Books (Edited) 
In March 2008 I translated some interviews for Nòva 24 Il Sole 24 Ore about different japanese scientist of the Riken Research Institute. I also translated an interview with the 2001 Nobel Prize of Chemistry Ryoji Noyori (President of the Riken). Parts of this interviews have been inserted into the book "Enakapata. Storie di Strada e di Scienza tra Secondigliano e Tokio", 2009 (by Vincenzo e Luca Moretti. Ediesse Publisher).

I am a columnist at Nova Lab Il Sole 24 Ore (the most important italian economic newspaper) where I write on the folloging topics: Research, Innovation, Start-Ups, Decision Making and Sensemaking in the technological arena.


  • Invited talk (invitee Prof. Francesco Stella, University of Siena): "Steps Towards Cognitive Narrative Machines", Symposium: The Mechanic Muse, organized by the University of Siena, 12-13 June 2015, Siena (Certosa di Pontignano).

  • "Categorizzazione basata su Prototipi ed Esemplari mediante l'integrazione di Spazi Concettuali e Ontologie in una Architettura Cognitiva", Senso Comune Workshop 2015, ISTC-CNR, Rome, Italy, 31 March 2015.

  • "Ontological Representations and Narrative: A Case Study in Cultural Heritage", SIG IAOA Design Semantics Workshop 2014, University of Bari, Italy, 29th Jun 2014 - 2nd July 2014.

  • Invited talk (invitee: Ph.D. Silvano Zipoli Caiani, University of Milan, Department of Philosophy): "Concepts: on the need of an integrated perspective in AI", Neurophilosophy Seminar, University of Milan, Italy, 17th April 2014.

  • "Attacking the Typicality Problem by Coupling Conceptual Spaces and Ontologies", Senso Comune Workshop 2014, ISTC-CNR, Trento, Italy, 25th March 2014.

  • Invited talk (invitee: Prof. Christian Freksa, University of Bremen, Cognitive Systems Group): "A cognitive approach for modeling and reasoning on common sense knowledge in computational ontologies", Spatial Cognition Colloquium Workshop, University of Bremen, Germany, 7 March 2014.

  • "Concepts, Perception and the Dual Process Theory of Mind" at 9th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication: Perception and Concepts, Riga, Latvia, 17 May 2013. (slides), with M.Frixione.

  • Invited talk: (invitee: Prof. Ismo Koponen, University of Helsinki): "Concepts, (Formal) Ontologies and Conceptual Change" at ConChaMo4 workshop, Helsinki, Finland, 22 February 2013. A summary of the talks given at the workshop is available on the blog "Cognitive Systems"

  • "Non Classical Concept Representation in Formal Ontologies", Department of Computer Science, University of Turin, 19 September 2012.

  • "Connecting Prototipical and Definitional Knowledge in the Semantic Web", poster presentation at SSSW12, 9th Int. Summer School on Semantic Web and Knowledge Engineering, Cercedilla (Madrid), Spain. July 08-14 2012.

  • "Concept Representation in Formal Ontologies: A Dual Process Proposal", LRR10 Conference on Logic, Reasoning and Rationality, University of Ghent, Belgium. 20-22 September 2010. With M. Frixione.

  • "Manual vs Semi-Automatic Approach to the Ontology Building", Reasoning Web 2009, University of Bolzano-Brozen, Brixen-Bressanone, Italy. 30 august - 2 sett. 2009.
  • "Intelligent Search e Motori di Ricerca Inferenziali", Faculty of Economics Roma Tre, Roma 21-22 november 2008.

  • "A Web Based Ontology for Energy Domain", MIS Department (Management of Information System Department), Haifa University, Israel. 18 june 2008.
* (in this list are not included the talks I gave at conferences whose proceedings have been published).

Academic Year 2013/2014

Seminar on "Ontologies and Rule Systems" at the course of Cognitive Systems, University of Turin (Dept. of Computer Science), (course held by the Professors Guido Boella, Alessandro Mazzei and Daniele P. Radicioni).

Seminar on "Ontology Reasoning" at the course of Artificial Intelligence, University of Turin (Dept. of Psychology), (course held by the Professors Vincenzo Lombardo Rossana Damiano).

Academic Year 2012/2013

Seminar on "Concepts and Ontological Representation" at the course of Artificial Intelligence, University of Turin, (Prof. Leonardo Lesmo and Prof. Rossana Damiano).

20h of course (with Prof. Marcello Frixione) on "Ontology and Knowledge Representation" for the IIRAF (Istituto Internazionale per la Ricerca e Alta Formazione), Vietri sul Mare.

Seminar on Ontology Reasoning at the course "Semantic Web", (Prof. Federica Cena), University of Turin. pdf slides.

Academic Year 2011/2012

Assistant Professor at the courses of Logics and Logics of Natural and Artificial Languages (Prof. Marcello Frixione). Activity: Seminars and Lessons on Knowledge Representation, Description Logics, Ontology Engineering and Semantic Web.

Academic Year 2010/2011

Assistant Professor at the courses of Logics and Logics of Natural and Artificial Languages (Prof. Marcello Frixione). Activity: Seminars and Lessons on Knowledge Representation, Description Logics, Ontology Engineering and Semantic Web Languages.

Academic Year 2009/2010

Teaching Assistant at the courses of Logics and Logics of Natural and Artificial Languages (Prof. Marcello Frixione). Activity: Seminars and Lessons on Knowledge Representation, Description Logics, Ontology Engineering and Semantic Web Languages.

Academic Year 2007/2008 and 2008/2009

I gave 4 seminars on human decision making and natural and artificial heuristics at the course "Decision Making Processes and Knowledge Management" (Prof. Roberto Cordeschi), Dept. of Communication Sciences, University of Salerno, Italy.

Supervised Students from 2009 to 2015 (listed in chronological order)

  • Valentina Rho, University of Torino, Dept. of Computer Science, (Master thesis).
  • Mattia Ognibene, University of Torino, Dept. of Computer Science, (Master thesis).
  • Davide Messina, University of Torino, Dept. of Computer Science, Wee: Web Engines Evaluator (Master thesis)
  • Alberto Piana, University of Torino, Dept. of Computer Science, Sviluppo, integrazione e test di componenti per un sistema ibrido di rappresentazione della conoscenza (Master thesis), (pdf thesis), Alberto is currently a software developer in the industrial field.
  • Leo Ghignone, University of Torino, Dept. of Computer Science, Modellazione ontologica del carico visivo associato ai concetti: applicazione della teoria degli spazi concettuali nello sviluppo di una ontologia di dominio (Bachelor thesis), Leo is currently Master student at the Dept. of Computer Science.
  • Andrea Sanguinetti. University of Torino, DAMS, (bachelor degree), Ontologie e Cultural Heritage.
  • Alessandro Maisto, University of Salerno, Dept. of Communication Sciences, Ontologie e Approcci Fuzzy (Master thesis), Alessandro is currently Research fellow at the University of Naples Federico II, Dept. of Engineering and Computer Science.
  • Francesco Rossi, University of Salerno, Dept. of Communication Sciences, Ontologie, Semantic Web e Linked Data (Bachelor thesis), Francesco is currently Ph.D. Student at the University of Salerno, Dept. of Communications Sciences.
Main Organizational Activities

I am the founder and the general chair of the workshop series AIC on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition.

I am co-organizer (with Mark Finlayson, Ben Miller and Remi Ronfard) of the 2015 Workshop on Computational Models of Narrative, which will be held on May 26-28, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Member of the Organizational Comittee for the Workshop "La Strutturazione della Conoscenza nel Web", University of Salerno, Dept. of Communication Sciences. Workshop Website: http://sites.google.com/site/ontologyreasoningunisa/

Member of the Organizational Comitee for the cycle of seminars "Lectures on User Modelingg" held by Prof. Tsvi Kuflik (University of Haifa) at the Department of Communication Sciences of the University of Salerno. Period: 21-24 April 2008.

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